Our Product Range

We have a number of products that will assist in controlling or even eliminating your bird and pigeon problem.

The Eagle Eye Light Flasher

The Eagle Eye mounts on your roof top and flashes specific bands of sunlight into the pigeon's eyes as they fly within it's range. The birds find this very disturbing during flight and hence learn to avoid the protected area. The longer the system is in operation, the better it works. There is an electrical version Read more…. and there is a wind-driven version Read more….

The Eagle Eye

Nightmare Quad Accoustic Deterrent The Nightmare Quad Acoustic Bird Deterrent

The Nightmare sound system is ideal to use on balconies, attics and inside warehouses and buildings where birds roost and nest. The Nightmare works by generating random sounds at frequencies which the birds find very disturbing. Read more….

Pigeon Spikes

Our pigeon spikes can be used on parapet walls, garden walls, gutters, window sills, railings, roof tops, external plumbing, drains…anywhere you do not want pigeons to sit.
For more on the stainless steel spikes Read more….
For more on the plastic spikes Read more….

Pigeon Spikes
Fire Flag Pro-Peller

Pro-Pellers work by flashing sunlight into the birds eyes encouraging them to keep away. Read more….

Bird Netting

Bird netting can be installed over windows, courtyard openings, vents, wherever birds are getting through to get inside your building. Read more….

Bird Netting


Pigeon Control Services specializes in space fumigation for bird lice, fleas, mites and other bird borne pests. Read more….


Bird Removal Service

Bird removal inside of factories is a highly specialised side of our business and requires a site visit to establish feasibility. It is especially important to manufacturers who are required to conform to government HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points Standards). We do not undertake bird removals in residential or office buildings. Read more….

Bird Catcher

DIY Kits

For our customers who are not located in the greater Cape Town area, we have Do It Yourself kits. These are Eagle Eye light flashers or Nightmare acoustic bird deterrents that we will send to you by courier and you can have your local electrician install them on your building. See our DIY page


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