Rock Dove
Feral Pigeons


Feral pigeons and Rock Doves are very abundant in our cities and industrial areas. They are non-migratory and try to live in the same area that they were born. They can live up to ten years and can produce up to ten offspring each year. Cape Nature estimates that their population in the Cape Town area has been doubling every four years.
     Pigeons rely very little on themselves to provide food and sites for roosting and nesting. They are extremely dependent on humans. They are found in great numbers on residential homes, city buildings, bridges, balconies, and other structures.

Food Sources

Pigeons are opportunistic birds. They are historically grain and seed eaters but man has changed their habits and made food easily available to them. Pigeons are highly intelligent creatures who have discovered a much easier way to acquire food such as in municipal garbage, easily accessed food factories and open food storage areas. In urban areas, some well intentioned but misinformed people actually feed pigeons thereby opening the door for the birds to take up permanent residence in an area where food would not normally be easily available. Humans have created the pigeon problem.

Damage and Pigeon Control

A single pigeon produces on average 11 kilograms of droppings annually. These corrosive droppings will not only stain but also increase the deterioration of buildings, vehicles and equipment where pigeons roost. Large quantities of bird droppings produce foul odours and are a serious health hazard.
    Pigeons are known to carry and transfer diseases to both people and animals due to their filthy droppings. Among common pigeon diseases are Histoplasmosis, Salmonella. Encephalitis and Cryptococcus along with many other diseases.
    Pigeons also attract and spread fleas, lice, bird mites, and ticks, all of which are easily transferred to humans and animals. A pigeon control program that will combine both immediate and long term control techniques is well worth the cost, considering the damage and health threats caused by these birds.
    Since all pigeons are homing pigeons, removal of these birds from your property is not easily done. Permanent removal can be difficult and time consuming. The longer one waits before having the problem professionally addressed, the more extensive the damage becomes and the harder it is to remove the resident birds.
    Unlike general pest control companies where pigeon control is simply a side line, Pigeon Control Services specialises only in these pests and has a well established set of techniques for pigeon removal and can help you to control bird populations in and around your building.

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