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An Overview of Pigeon Control Services

Rock DovePigeon control services is a pest control company which specialises in the control of problem birds in industrial and residential environments. The company installs bird deterrent products such as light flashers, bird spikes, bird netting, audio devices which deter birds.

Technical Knowledge
Our knowledge of bird control is derived from over a decade of studying the habits of local birds, the trialing of various bird deterrent products and methods and studying the work of others who are involved in this area. Over the years we have developed our own knowledge and skills in this area through study and practical experience.
     We hold Bird Control Certification from Eagle Eye Bird Control stating that we have completed their Bird Control Training program and therefore qualify as an accredited Eagle Eye bird control specialist. We are also a member in good standing of the Africa Pest Managers Alliance which is an organisation devoted to training and knowledge in the pest control industry.
     For the installation of Eagle Eye bird deterrents we use only trained and approved installation staff who are skilled in this work, have proper training in the safety requirements of working at heights and use the required safety equipment and follow standard safety practices during the installation and servicing of the Eagle Eye products.

Environmental Legislation
The products that we use and the locations that we use them have no impact on Marine and Costal related concerns nor are they regulated by municipal by-laws.
     Permits are necessary when exterminating specific species. Extermination is normally performed only when the presence of avian debris presents a direct health hazard to humans and no other viable means is available to protect people from the health threat.
     Our Eagle Eye bird deterrent units have no effect on the environment and hence no involvement with Cape Nature or other authorities is necessary for these products.

Environmental Awareness
Feral pigeons can live up to ten years and a pair of feral pigeons (they mate for life) can breed year round and produce up to ten offspring per year. Pigeons are by far the largest group of problem birds and they represent the greatest health risk to humans and other animals. They are also responsible for considerable property damage and their numbers are increasing at an alarming rate in the Western Cape.
     The birds which we most commonly control are feral pigeons or Rock Doves (Columbia Livia) which are an unprotected pest bird species. The other bird species that commonly infest buildings is the Red-eyed Pigeon or Rock Pigeon (Streptopelia semitorquata) which is a protected species. Encouraging either species of pigeons to keep away from buildings by the use of bird deterrents or trapping has no negative effect on the environment.

Pigeon Control Services has been active since 1998 in the area of bird control. Our experience includes trapping, netting, and the installation of various bird deterrents.
     We operate only in the greater Cape Town area. The pest bird species that we are primarily involved with are feral pigeons, red eyed doves, starlings, sparrows and Egyptian Geese. The Hadeda Ibis has also recently become a pest in some Western Cape areas. Buildings near the sea are often soiled by various types of gulls although these are not regarded as a pest species.

Project Management
Pigeon Control Service has been involved with Eagle Eye projects in the Cape Town area since 2007. These projects require coordination between the customer and installation team. Third parties may also be involved to do preparatory work before the units can be installed. Pigeon Control Services schedules and manages all functions which are to be completed and follows them through until completion and sign off. This involves liaison with many other parties, departments or organisations.

We have a wide range of customers for our bird control products and services which include residential, industry and government customers.

Company Registration
Pigeon Control Services CC is a South African registered Close Corporation with the registration number 2004/075454/23. The managing member of the CC is Robert Bareham.

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